Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures With Few Risks

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
Cosmetic surgery has become so commonplace that almost every progressive country in the world has doctors who specialize in the procedures. It is a fast growing industry that is fueled by the need of people to look better and stay looking younger longer. One thing that has checked the growth of the industry is the hesitation of some people to undergo the procedures because they are afraid of the risks that come with it. One factor that can reduce the possibility of the risks from occurring is the skill and performance of the surgeon or doctor who will handle the procedure. Aside from this, there are also some operations which carry decidedly fewer risks than others.

Common Low Risk Procedures
The less invasive the procedure, the lower the risks of anything wrong happening. This is usually true because invasive cosmetic surgery operations have higher risks than those which are less invasive. Some procedures or treatments just require injections to be done on the patients face or body and the desired effects are achieved. These include Botox and the use of fillers on the face. Botox is a derivative from a toxin that can limit the movement of the muscle or tissue. The results of having muscles that do not move frequently are fewer wrinkles, creases and lines on the face. Of course, the application will have to be done every few months but the side effects are few and can be resolved easily. Fillers work to fill the holes and depressions which are commonly found in the face probably because of acne and other injuries. The effects of fillers can last for several months and these have little or no negative side effects for most people.

More invasive cosmetic surgery procedures carry higher risks but have more obvious and satisfying results. There are those that have lower risks than others, though. Examples of major operations are breast augmentation, hair replacement and nose jobs. Breast augmentation is an invasive operation but the incisions are usually kept to a minimum, just enough to insert the implants into the appropriate area. There are several choices of where to make the incisions and the surgeons usually choose the ones which are less conspicuous when it comes to scarring. The recovery period also has lower risks compared to others because the woman would just need to take things easy for a couple of months before she can resume a light version of her daily activities. Hair replacement can be painful and uncomfortable compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures but the risks are not high. Innovative developments in this kind of operation has made the use of skin flaps just an alternative instead of the requirement. This means less invasion into the scalp compared to getting skin flaps and moving the entire scalp to cover an area without hair. Nose jobs also require smaller incisions compared to other surgeries. It is the recovery from the procedure that can be cumbersome for many people.