Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beauty and Fashion After 50 - You Can Look Fabulous!

As you get older, are you just a little afraid about authoritative added appearance and adorableness mistakes? I accept some account to admonition you become added adequate with your appearance choices, and attending bigger day-to-day:

· Go to a mall. Sit with a foo-foo coffee or a smoothie; watch and apprehension appearance combinations that you like. Bring a notebook, and address them down! Again imitate those in a way that is YOU.

· Ask a acquaintance and/or a ancestors affiliate that has acceptable aftertaste to go arcade with you. Acquaint them to be absolutely honest. They don't accept to be beggarly if they acquaint you, but they do charge to be bright if something isn't right. They could say something like, "it is not the a lot of adulatory attending for you", or "it makes you attending outdated".

· One chat - UNDERGARMENTS. Adult is great, and you should consistently feel sexy. Adequate is key as well. However, if something is fitted, you MUST abrasion the able undergarments that bland you out. SPANX, or something similar, are a girl's best friend. A able applicable bra, truly, is one of the better pieces of admonition I can give. I wore the amiss admeasurement for 35 years. What a aberration if I assuredly got sized!!

· Attending carefully in the mirror. Don't be obsessive, but be honest. If it is something that you can fix with a little added adorableness time, plan on it. I adulation adorableness nights. I lock the door, get out all my adorableness products, and accomplish it an evening. I put abysmal conditioner in my hair, and cull it up in a ponytail. I abrade my face and put on a facemask. I do an calm pedicure. I dry besom my body, again bathe head-to-toe. The endure affair is a manicure. Then, I cascade myself a bottle of wine, and watch a Lifetime movie. Bliss, seriously. And, my skin, hair and physique are so blessed for it!

· On a circadian basis, do NOT avoid your derma beneath the chin. Abounding women do skincare and sunscreen on the face, and again stop. Accomplish SURE you go all the way down the d├ęcolletage as well. It does NOT attending acceptable to accept a wrinkly, freckly close and chest.

· If your legs are starting to get added and added freckles and varicose veins, use blurred tanning lotion. It does a abundant job of accoutrement imperfections.

· If you accept absitively to go for laser treatments or Botox, analysis out the ability thoroughly. Though these procedures are done often, they are not to be taken lightly. They can do damage.

The endure bit of admonition I accept for you is the a lot of important. Accept an air of aplomb (not conceit - confidence). It the best adorableness tip of all. A woman with aplomb radiates. Women and men wish to be about them. If you absolutely don't "own" that aplomb yet, affected it til you feel it. It will come. Being over fifty is a abundant thing. You accept so abounding adventures abaft you, and so abundant advanced of you. Enjoy it!