Monday, April 22, 2013

Add to Your Fashion Statement With the Right Hairstyles

Fashion Statement
Hair style is an important aspect of proper grooming. It reflects the social, cultural, and ethnic identity of a person. With the right kind of hair style, you can enhance your personality and make yourself pleasantly attractive. In many ways, your hair style also reflects your taste as an individual or the celebrity you idolize.
Hairstyle is an integral part of one's everyday fashion. It varies with the current trends of fashion. Today, varied styles have contributed immensely to the ever changing fashion statement of the world.
There is innumerable number of hairstyles, to choose from. Each type of hair style depends a lot on how the wearer carries it. A particular type of hairstyle which suits one person may not suit the other. So, different hairstyles are in vogue today.
You can groom your hair depending upon the length of the hair. There are many a distinct styles for long, medium length or short hair. One often has to change the style, because different occasions demand a different style. One certainly never sports the same style for both party and work.
Factors which shape hair style:
Men and women commonly go for different set of hair styles. However, a few styles have unisex feature. So, both male and females can choose from unusual styles depending upon the structure of the hair and the sort of occasion. Before opting for a proper style, importance is given to the quality, length of ones tresses, and texture of the hair.
Hair styles start from the most classic to the trendiest and contemporary. Often celebrities set the trend. Rabid fans love to sport the hairstyles of celebrities they idolize. When stars bring a trend into being, teenagers pick up the style and turn it into a craze.
Popular hair styles:
You can always choose from a varied number of hairstyles. Irrespective of whether your hair is short or long; you can give an attractive style to it. Some styles popular all around the world are:
  • Bantu: A type of African hairstyle. It consists of several small buns tied round the head.
  • Afro: This style is popular with the people of Melanesian and African origin. Sporting this style is symbolic to black racial pride.
  • Quiff: In this style a part of the hair is well placed on the top of the head.
  • Ponytail: This hair style is popular with hippies. In this style, the wearer's hair is drawn backwards from the face, tied and left dangling at the back.
  • Moptop: This is a shaggy form of straight cut. The cut bears a straight fringe, over the ears.
  • Side-part: In this style, the hair is parted on the side.
  • Spiked: This style involves spiking the hairs into a number of designs which varies from small to large. This is achieved by treating the hair with gel, wax, or spray every day.
  • Perm: This is a process which involves curling of natural straight and plain hair. This is done with the help of an apparatus or chemical relaxers.
Hair style is an ever changing fashion statement. A style introduced today, becomes a fad tomorrow, and is replaced by another soon after.