Friday, April 12, 2013

Top Wedding Day Beauty Questions Answered

Wedding Day Beauty
Every bride wants to look fantastic on her wedding day. For that matter, so do her bridesmaids. Get all the answers to your top wedding day beauty questions here.
What Can I Do With Thin Hair? There are many beautiful wedding hairstyles out there, but it seems like most of the models have thick, lustrous hair that the average woman can only dream of. If you have the money, getting professional hair extensions is the best way to add fullness to your mane. As a bonus, the extensions will last several months and look fabulous on your honeymoon. If you intend to work only with the hair you already have, your stylist can add fullness by backcombing hair at the roots and curling it with a large barrel curling iron before pinning it into an updo (the actual hairstyle does not need to look curly, by the way). Opt for a headpiece which will not slip out of thin hair, such as a headband.
Can I Tell My Bridesmaids How To Do Their Hair And Makeup? In a word, no. Your bridesmaids are grown women, and should be trusted to do their hair and makeup in a tasteful and appropriate manner. Besides, the days of cookie cutter attendants are over; these days, they show their personal style with different dresses, unique bridesmaid jewelry, and eclectic bouquets. However, it would be okay for the bride to gently nudge her 'maids into the desired direction. For instance, you could request formal hairstyles or glamorous makeup, but nothing so specific as an updo or smoky eyes and red lipstick. If you would like to give your bridesmaids a slightly more cohesive look, give them a pretty jeweled comb to wear that complements their unique crystal bridesmaid jewelry. Then let each one decide how to style her hair in the fashion that looks prettiest on her.
How Can I Cover A Tattoo? Oops - did you get a little butterfly on your shoulder during spring break in Florida while you were in college? Don't worry - no one has to see it if you don't want them to, even if you are wearing a strapless gown. There are a number of excellent products available which are specifically designed to cover tattoos. They are a much heavier makeup than regular concealer, and are usually available in custom blended shades. When applied properly, the makeup should not smear or get on your wedding dress. If you only care about covering your tattoo for the wedding ceremony, the simplest option is to wear a shrug over your dress.
What Do I Do About A Pimple? The stress of planning a wedding can unfortunately cause a woman to break out, just when she wants to look her best. If you have a few days until the wedding, the most important thing is to keep your hands off the blemish, so you do not make it worse. Use either a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid blemish fighter. Look for a non-drying formula designed for adult skin. Cool compresses can help to diminish the size of the pimple, and concealer can cover the redness. If you wake up the day before your ceremony with a whopping zit on your forehead, the best cure of all is to run straight to the dermatologist for a cortisone injection, which will start to shrink the blemish almost immediately. Brides who know that they are prone to untimely breakouts should consider a regimen of monthly facials and an anti-acne skincare system at least six months before their wedding as a preventative measure.
How Can I Hide Tan Lines? Oops, did you get a tan lines that will show when you wear your wedding dress? These are actually an easy problem to fix. Some women swear by spray tans or using a self-tanning cream to even out their skin tone. However, even the best products can react with the oils in your skin and turn orange, so always do a test run a few weeks before your wedding. If sunless tanners do not work for your skin, just dust a bronzing powder over the white lines to blend them into your tan shoulders. When using either method, be sure that the colors of your face, neck, and chest are all blended together seamlessly for a picture perfect look.